Fee policy & Terms

Our Fee Policy, Terms & Conditions

How we charge for our work

Whenever it is possible, we will charge flat rates rather than the usual conventional time-based fees. The flat rates that we offer denote the average time period that we take to complete the majority of our tasks. Of course, when a job demands more than just typical involvement from our end, that reflects in our fees. The flat fee that we tag against our service includes pre-meeting support, a comprehensive 30-60 minute long consultation, electronically lodging of your completed tax return on the given day, BESIDES, a full copy of your tax return along with all the relevant worksheets so you know was claimed to help you record the data for the next year.

We will have your income tax return prepared by a registered tax agent and a qualified accountant. We are not a franchise. This indicates, your income and expenses will be confidently explored and explained to spot out the tax saving opportunities that you have. Our consultation with you will be purely educational as well as productive enough to serve your purpose.. We will provide you with the full copy of your tax return along with all the relevant worksheets so that you do not face any difficulty in understanding how we will prepare your tax return.

There are no hidden, surprises charges for every single expense deduction that we derive, or every single item that has to be included in your personal return. This means you can have confidence and trust in us, when it comes to budgeting for us for the preparation of your return. In case you are not sure or you are looking forward to discussing the factors that are likely to have an impact on the overall cost, please get in touch with us.

We will work in close coordination with you to add value while we also control your expenses. We come up with excellent resources along with time-saving strategies, which will go all the way to help you enjoy the best outcome from our services.

Payment of Fees

You can pay us in cash or over EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard or through bank transfers.

Once the tax return is fully and finally settled, you will get a tax invoice from our end.

Immediate payment is needed for most of the returns, generally at the end of tax meetings.

  • In case your tax return is left incomplete in a meeting – may be because of incomplete or wrong information – you need to pay us immediately for the meeting. We will treat this payment as a non-refundable deposit towards the total fee that we charge to prepare your tax return.
  • Upon completion of the tax return, we will send it over mail along with the final invoice, along with the request to make the balance payment, if any.
  • Being well-organised and well prepared for the tax meeting helps you avoid delays. Also, it helps to keep the fees payable to us to a minimum. You will receive excellent online resources from our end that will help you in this regard.
Generally, business clients are provided with a rough estimate of costs after complimentary initial telephonic or in person consultation.
  • We need to get a fair idea of you and the nature and objective of your business. At the same time, you are required to take us in your confidence and have faith in our approach before we can serve you in the way you want us to.
  • You are required to make a partial upfront payment before we get on with the service.
  • We offer fees-funding optio to those who look forward to managing their cash flow through diversification of payments of a lump sum amount of expense over a period of 12 months. (conditions apply).
  • We also offer payment of an upfront monthly amount that is customised to the unique needs of our clients in need for long accounts related assistance.

When coming to a meeting:

Accountant Helpdesk operates an absolutely transparent and healthy workplace policy for the benefits of our staff and clients alike. Thus, in case you are unwell and if you are not in a position to attend the meeting, we respectfully request you to reschedule your meeting by giving us a call beforehand.

We ensure that we will pay you our fullest attention during the meeting and the consultation session and thus, we guarantee the best income tax return that will suffice your objectives. We respectfully request you not to accompany children as this can cause distraction, although we understand that it;s entirely your discretion where or not to have yourself accompanied by your children. However, please be kind enough to realise that We owe you our professionalism and it’s our duty to serve you with due diligence and care. Hence, we are afraid we cannot live up to your expectations in case there are major distractions taking place in the meetings.

Standard Terms of Engagement

We will:
  • Meticulously prepare your Income Tax Return and, if it is for your business, we will prepare an Annual Set of Accounts, which is based on whatever information you come up with.
  • Lodge your Income Tax Return in time, with the Australian Taxation Office so that it satisfies all the regulatory requirements, provided you supply us with all the relevant information in sufficient time.
  • Come up with the general taxation as well as taxation based structuring advice, including pertinent business tax advice and any other form of advice that we are qualified to provide, as per our requests and needs.
  • Communicate with the Australian Taxation Office and maintain a liaison with them as and when necessary and will represent you as your Tax Agent.
We will NOT:
  • Audit your accounts and therefore will not be able to form any opinion of their accuracy
  • Search for any irregularities or errors, including fraud and illegal acts. However, we will inform you in case we suspect anything improper or incorrect in the proceedings.

Period of engagement for tax return preparation service:

  • Our period of engagement will commence from the very moment of your acceptance of these terms and conditions of engagement.
  • The engagement will come to an end as soon as you make payment to us in full for a final settlement.

Your responsibilities:

  • You will be held responsible for the completeness and accuracy or incompleteness or inaccuracy of every information you provide us
  • You need to agree to disclose every relevant information fairly to us and arrange for our reasonable and timely access to every relevant individual and documents. That will allow us to carry out our duty quickly and efficiently.
  • You will be held responsible for the resulting Annual Accounts and the Income Tax Return that we come up with, on your behalf under this agreement and engagement.
  • You must let us know whether there is any conflict of interest or a change of circumstances that you know, which may lead to any conflict of interest, like matrimonial disputes, change in business structures and relationships or litigation.
  • You are liable to pay our fees within the said credit terms

Our responsibilities:

  • It is our responsibility to keep every information that you share with us safe, classified and confidential.
  • Without your consent, we shall not under any circumstances, disclose this information to any other party unless and until needed by the law. However you may have your information accessible to the quality control review conducted by a professional accountancy body, which we are a part of and a member. However, in such a scenario, we will inform you beforehand.
  • We are responsible for maintaining our duties in accordance with the Tax Agent Services Legislation and the professional & ethical standards that are issued by the Accounting and Ethics Standards Board (APESB).
  • Limitation of Liability: Our liabilities under this engagement are limited by a scheme that is approved under the Professional Standards Legislation. You will get further details upon your request.
Our Fees:
  • Our fees are calculated on the basis of the time that we spend on your work.
  • The rate that we maintain is based on the degree of the skill and responsibility that we have to execute.
  • Any direct expenses that we have to incur on your behalf will have to be paid back along with the standard fees.
  • One we finish your work we will issue the final invoice containing the total bill amount.
  • One we finish your work we will issue the final invoice containing the total bill amount.
Ownership of Documents:
  • All original documents will remain in your custody. However, we will prepare and retain their copies for our records.
  • We will come up with an Income Tax Return and, in case it is a business, it will be an Annual Set of Accounts as a part of this agreement and engagement.
  • These documents will be in our custody till you pay our fees in full. Once you pay us in full and conduct a full and final settlement, we hand them over to you. All the other documents that we produce belong to us.