Self Managed Super Funds

SMSF (Self Managed Super Funds) Advice & Assistance in Williams Landing, Melbourne

Melbourne and its surroundings, just like the rest of Australia, have a huge number of people who have decided to set up and control their own Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). There are various reasons behind this. However, the principal reason is that these people want to have self control over their investment decision, allocation of assets. The other major reason being, they are willing to enjoy the benefits of tax strategies that are not otherwise available in retail funds.

This is where our SMSF experts would make the difference with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

How does our SMSF Services in Williams Landing, Melbourne make a difference?

We facilitate help setting up the SMSF documents and handel the ongoing A to obligations. With our expertise we provide services for preparing financials, income tax returns and preparing audit work papers for our clients.

We encourage our clients to take an independent advice from financial planner before condering SMSF as a right structure for you.


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